Packing Services

To complement our moving services, Marblehead Movers also offers full packing services. This service can save you days of work as we handle the monotonous and time consuming task of gathering supplies and boxing/prepping your property.

Our packing services involve coming to your home prior to your move and preparing all of your belongings for the trip to the new location. This includes packing all loose household items into boxes to ensure their safe travel/storage. Fragile items such as china, art and glass will be wrapped in bubble wrap by our packing experts before being boxed. Clothing items will be packed into wardrobe boxes to keep them clean and manageable, and heavier items such as boxes and paperwork will similarly be packed into boxes for easy transport.


At this stage of your move, we will also pre-prepare your furniture for your moving day by wrapping it in moving blankets and securing it with plastic wrap to keep it protected on the journey.

Using Marblehead Movers for both the moving and packing portions of your project offers some unique advantages. First off, being involved in every aspect of the move helps us provide you with as smooth a moving day as possible. Boxes are packed efficiently and with size conformity, ensuring a speedier and safer load and pack onto the moving truck. There are no ‘mystery’ boxes, as we are aware of all contents, and items that may otherwise be difficult to pack in the truck (lamps, loose fragile items, chairs, random household items, etc) can be worked with and planned for. Long story short: when your movers are also your packers, the moving day is quicker and your property travels safer.

For questions about our packing services, or to get a free estimate, please feel free to Contact Us.