Clean-Ups & Demolition Services

Marblehead Movers removes unwanted items from commercial buildings, warehouses, and residential properties. We offer what most companies will not do…..and what most people do not want to do; the removal of unwanted objects, debris, and just plain junk.

Along with removal of unwanted debris, our experienced crew will go back through the building and do a wall to wall sweep to tidy up and remove any other excess materials or left over debris.

Whether approaching a move or providing a cleanout for a commercial broker or residential landlord, Marblehead Movers provides the answer for the most cost effective and efficient method of a total cleanout service.

Our cleanout operations include the removal of:

  • Warehouse Debris, Shelving, Wood
  • Accumulated Junk
  • Antiquated Machinery/Equipment
  • Discarded office furniture, chairs, cubicles, supplies, and paper goods
  • Carpet and pad removal
  • Household Items
  • New Tenant Preparation
  • Boxes
  • Appliances
  • Other items may be removed upon request

Demolition Services  

Many of our customers also require interior demolition services during renovations projects. Marblehead Movers has experience with interior demolition projects for office, retail and individual projects. Many of these demolitions require personnel with a particular set of skills that are aware of the sensitive needs of the customer. We specialize in catering to the specific needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations at every step.


Please contact us for help with your next cleanout or demolition project.